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Cheap PriceList for Geogrid - Basalt fiber sleeve – Huabin

Product Profile

Structural characteristics: ■ The knitted design provides the possibility of free expansion and deformation. Therefore, the sleeves can coverage around different object shapes and bends. ■ The dense wall-thickness design provides excellent thermal protection. ■ The wall thickness design provides wear resistance. ■ The basalt fiber yarn performance provides sleeve light-weight construction that reduces the object weight.

Product Performance

■High and low temperature resistance. The basalt fiber sleeve can provides stable performance at -260°and 700°. ■Light – weight. That provides excellent flexibility expanding 1.5x its diameter for easier installation.

Product Application

■ Engine exhaust heat shield. ■ Exhaust gas recirculation tubes. ■ Insulation/heat containment. ■ Artificial limb manufacturing.

Product Specification

Diameter range: 1" to 8"