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Discount Price Filament Winding Machine Manufacturers - Creel for spool external unwinding – Huabin

Product Profile

This creel type is designed for spool external unwinding, which is suitable for any fiber. ■ Spool capacity: 6/8/10/20/32/40 bobbins or according to requirements. ■ Structure: with glass door or without glass door or customized. ■ Creel fixed mode: stationary-fixed or move horizontally in sync with the winding car by moving on a platform and move in sync with the resin bath. We recommend a suitable creel according to the winding technology situation. ■ Creel dimension: according to spool capacity. ■ Tension controller can install together with the creel. ■ Tension controller type: electronic magnetic powder tension controller or electronic tension controller or use your own tension controller. ■ Spool dimension: standard dimension or according to your spool dimension to design new spool supported bar.