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Lowest Price for Pultrusion Machine Equipment - FRP pulling-winding machine – Huabin

Product Profile

HBGMEC provide FRP pulling-winding machine and maximize machine operating efficiency and minimize downtime, thereby help customers to maximize the benefits. ■ Design several equipments with different tractive force according to sectional area and recommend proper customized equipment by our technical team to you. ■ Unique structural design and real heavy material for structure guarantee a stable processing platform, which is essential for quality production. ■ Years of experience in mould production will certainly provide best products. ■ PLC operating platform and fault alarm system make the production easy, safe and automatic. ■ Some special working unit adopts special material that equipment maintenance. ■Electrical components use international famous brand, thus, user can get replacement parts with minimum time.

Product Application

FRP pulling-winding machine can manufacture wide range of FRP products, that require high strength in hoop and axial direction, including but not limited to the following products:

Basalt fiber round hollow tube