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Manufacturing Companies for Basalt Insulation Sleeving - Basalt fiber chopped strands – Huabin

Product Profile

For asphalt reinforcement

For concrete reinforcemen

Replace steel fiber

Basalt fiber chopped strands is from continuous basalt fiber by cutting process and coat with different sizing to use in various industrial application.
In view of same mechanical and chemical performance as continuous basalt fiber, so chopped strands are widely used in marine, construction, fiber reinforcing, car parts, civil engineering and so on, also used to replace fiberglass chopped fiber, steel fiber, pp fiber and other fiber in different fields.

The main performance

■ High frost temperature resistance, high temperature resistance
■ Excellent thermal insulation
■ Corrosion and chemical resistance to alkali and resistance to salty sea water
■ Sound adsorption
■ Electric insulation
■ Good fatigue resistance
■ High tension strength and stiffness
■ Environmental friendly to soil, air and human

Product Application

■ Mix with concrete by dry or wet mixing
■ Asphalt reinforcement
■ Shotcrete application
■ Precast concrete
■ Road, bridge, screeds, walls, coastline reinforcement
■ Plastic reinforcement
■ Needle-mat produced
■ Friction materials
■ Filters
■ Mufflers

Asphalt-concrete road reinforcement

Concrete precast reinforcement

Plastic reinforcement

Needle-punched mat

Friction material

Shotcrete application

Product Specification

Monofilament diameter / um


Fiber length / mm


Water content / %


Sizing content / %


Resin compatibility

Epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester resin,PP,PE