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OEM China Fiberglass Rods Basalt Rods - Basalt fiber roving – Huabin

Product Profile

According to manufacturing technique, the basalt fiber roving is divided into: ■ Direct roving: it is spooled direct after handling with sizing. ■ Assembled roving: it is a multi-end continuous roving. ■ Twisted yarn: S-twist and Z-twist yarns are the direction in which the yarn is spun is called twist.

Product Application

■ Pultrusion: profiles or rebar for concrete reinforcement. ■ Filament winding: pipes or high pressure vessels. ■ Weaving: geogrid. ■ Multiaxial fabrics production

Product Specification

Roving type

Monofilament diameter/ um

Direct roving


Assembled roving


Twisted yarn