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Reasonable price Fiber Reinforce Frp Asphalt - Basalt direct roving – Huabin

Product Profile

Basalt direct roving

Basalt assembled roving

Basalt direct roving is a continuous single-end strand produced pass through the bushing. Basalt assembled roving consist of several single-end strand assembled together by special assembled machine. Basalt direct roving can directly used in some industrial application, like textiles fabric, geogrid, woven thermal insulation tape/rope or pultrusion field. But some industrial application asks higher tex and external unwinding, that’s need basalt assembled roving. Comparing to E-glass fiber and S-glass fiber, or even carbon fiber, basalt fiber has more natural performance advantages:

Thermophysical Properties

Using temperature / ℃ -260 – 700
Sintering temperature / ℃ 1050
Thermal conductivity / W/m.k 0.03 – 0.038
Strength retention after heat treatment
20℃ 100
200℃ 95
400℃ 82

Chemical Properties – Weightlessness

3-hour boiling in 2N HC1 2.20%
3-hour boiling in 2N NaOH 6.00%
3-hour boiling in H2O 0.20%
Moreover, basalt fiber roving has excellent mechanical and chemical performance as following technical: ■ High frost temperature resistance, high temperature resistance ■ Excellent thermal insulation ■ Corrosion and chemical resistance to alkali and resistance to salty sea water ■ Sound adsorption ■ Electric insulation ■ High tension strength and stiffness ■ Environmental friendly to soil, air and human

Product Application

In view of its excellent performance, basalt fiber roving can use in various fields:

Spray application

Pultrusion bar

Geogrid production

Basalt fabric

Pultrusion profiles

 Car parts

High pressure vessel (winding)

Product Specification

Monofilament diameter / um


Linear density / tex


Sizing type

Silane base

Sizing content / %


Moisture content / %


Resin compatibility

Epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester resin, PP, PE, PA